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what we do

What We Offers

  • Guarding Services
    Today's threats to companies are increasingly complex and intense at a time when business operations are becoming more interrelated and global. Investment in security can.
  • Personal Security
    Security personnel for safeguarding our customers, friends and families. Our security guards come handy especially during pressure situations and are equipped to handle it with care.
  • Executive Security
    Custom-made executive security/ protection. Well built and courageous bodyguards are available with us at all times and can be stationed at remote as well as urban locations.
  • VIP Protection
    We also provide armed guards and escort s for VIP’s and VVIP’s. Our in-house gunmen and shooter are an unique feature can highlights our efficiency and capability.
  • Events and Locations
    We are well experienced in providing gatekeepers for showrooms, shopping malls, cinema halls and at events such as weddings, public gatherings star shows and other major events.
  • Investigative Jobs
    We hire qualified detectives to investigate and enquire into any kind of information required by our clients. Security Consultancy: It caters to all kind of suggestions pertaining to the requirement of our client’s safety. We also deal in security risk analysis and suggest solutions for curbing the same.
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